Saturday, October 26, 2013

1 week left!!!

And I'm go glad, Inept Co-worker is back to her old ways again. She knows I'm going, so she has started cursing at my team, telling them to get her coffee and order her lunch, throwing papers at them and telling them to do "urgent" tasks for her while she strolls out for her 6th 15 minute smoke break of the day. I'll talk to the Partners before I go, but if it reverts back to the way it was, they are going to be down the only 2 admin staff they have left. I was so boiling mad I actually started shaking some because I know that unless the Partners step in in a big way once I'm gone, she will continue to do this.

I'm wrapping up all of my work. Making sure that everything that needed to be done has been done/sent out/recorded. I've made sure that all my emails pertaining to Inept Coworker have been added to the document management system, so that things she's dropped the ball on will be less attributed to me. Although at this point, anything she says is my fault, even if it was, would be disbelieved. It's pretty bad when your reputation won't even allow anyone to trust you when you're telling the truth. But I'm trying to make sure it isn't even an issue and all of my loose ends are tied up. The office has also tried to sort out when we'll be having my "leaving doo" as they call it. My last day doesn't work because we're going to a co-worker's Halloween party right after work, the night before doesn't work because the office advocate is having everyone over to his house for dinner. I might come back the week after I leave to have some drinks and I'm sure hear all the crazy dirt.

I'm so excited to start at the new job!!!!!! I still need to email my new boss and find out about the arrival time, where I need to go to get my HR orientation and dress. Now that I have my driving license, I'm getting geared up for hobby time. Liam has been on my back for years to start golfing. He even bought me golf clubs on sale in Australia in 2008 and I've never used them. This year he won his guys golfing group award for something, I don't even know and got a nick chunky gift certificate for the local golf club. So I'll be taking a month's worth of lessons and then Liam keeps saying it will be our date night to go out for a round of golf. I'm not so sure, but I know that it's a good way to meet people and all that jazz, so I think I'll keep it up. I also bought a sewing machine and will be looking into clothes making classes that should be starting soon. Fun times!

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