Wednesday, October 30, 2013

And of course now I'm sad to leave

I'm sure that this is because I know I'm going, but I'm really going to miss 90% of the office. I teared up a bit when one of my team told me how much she's going to miss our mad dashes to the elevator at 5 on the dot. I'm going to definitely miss my team and trying not to feel guilty for how things may change for them once I leave. The Partners brought someone in to shadow me and while she's super nice everyone keep saying they don't like her because she's not me. If she gets the position, I hope it will work out for her and everyone else in the team. I definitely don't want to leave people in a lurch.

I'll start work bright and early Sunday morning and I'm looking forward to it, but definitely nervous. At my current job, people know what I can do, appreciate it and we get along well. I'll be starting all over again and I just hope I can make that same impression again. It kind of feels like when you're about to start at a new school and you don't know where anything is and you're super nervous. That's me right now, sad I'm leaving and super nervous about my new start.

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