Monday, October 7, 2013

Halloween is coming

Over here Halloween lives in their weird place of being a semi-holiday that Americans have pushed people from the UK and Australia into celebrating. Costumes, trick or treating and pumpkin carving are things a lot of people have adopted even if they wouldn't have celebrated in their home countries. One of the big obstacles to the traditional festivities is finding pumpkins! There are no pumpkin patches where you get to go out and pick your own pumpkin. Last year we didn't find one :( This year we're determined. If need be we will be going to a hotel for a pumpkin carving class because that might be the only place we can find them. The options are 1) searching random gas stations that also sell produce 2) Make sure to butternut squash or 3) scour the wholesale market where produce is imported into the country. This isn't a farmer's market type of deal, this is almost like a port for veggies where there is no direction and kind of organized chaos. We went to it last year, but were unsuccessful.

We have purchased costumes for the girls. There will be a Halloween parade at school and I've taken a half day so I can be there. We're gearing up for the holiday season and I'm getting so excited!!

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