Friday, October 4, 2013

Notice Period

So the impasse is over and I've given my notice at my current job! All the formalities, reference checking and background checking is over and I've signed my offer letter. I'll be working in a non-legal setting with a semi-legal focus. It's a great job with a big pay and benefits bump and I'm so excited! I'll start at the beginning of November.

The notice process is actually a lot easier because the new job, without telling me, contacted my current employers for a reference. It could have been seriously bad, but the partners are cool with me and gave great references, so they knew this was probably coming. They asked if there was anything they could do to get my stay. The partners had previously offered to pay for the bar process, but with the understanding that I would stay on for at least 2 years as a fee earner after I qualified. I've seen what they do and how they work and at the end of the day it wasn't going to work for me. My new job will also pay for me to take the bar, so I may go that route with them.

It's strange working during a notice period. I've never really had to do it before. When I left a job it was always because of a natural end (ie leaving the country, program ending, or a remote job), so this is just strange. Not everyone knows, I don't know if I should be sending out an email or something. It's just strange to hear people talking about what will be going on in November and I know I won't be there and I'm not sure how to tell them. The partners gave me their blessing when I sent in my resignation by email because both are out of the country and the one month clock needed to start ticking. Relief and excitement are my middle name!

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