Sunday, October 20, 2013

The waiting game

2 weeks left of work...

We had a 5 day weekend which was great! Yay for Eid break, boo for Z getting hand, foot and mouth disease on the day before she's due to go back to school. It's apparently very common here. Small blisters show up on feet, possibly hands and maybe in the mouth. So far it's just on her feet and they will go away in a few days. Nothing can be done to move it along and nothing to prevent it other than washing hands a lot.

So I'm back at work today, many will still be away for Eid break, so I'm sure it will be a slow day. Everyone in the office knows I'm leaving now. They want to have some kind of lunch/dinner/drinking to see me off during my last week. I would go out to drinks with everyone after my last day, but that's Halloween, so I'll be taking the girls out trick-or-treating. Inept Co-worker was seriously pissed she wasn't informed first about me leaving because of how much that's going to inconvenience her...riiiiiight. If proper measures aren't put in place when I leave I think it will take less than a month for everything to go to pot again and I'm sure my name will be yelled in effigy by Inept Co-worker until the end of time for all of my "mistakes". Everyone in the office is dreading my departure for that reason. I am practically skipping to work these days because I know what I'll be leaving behind. I'll miss 95% of the office and the work I did was fine. The new job will have me handling some legal work, which will be in a non-lawyer capacity and in collaboration with the in house counsel of the school. I'm good with that.

The new job is already paying off in dividends. Their "fixer" has managed to work out my immigration issues and get me my ID card, which also meant I could get my driver's license, which is amazing freedom!! Freedom to actually drive my car and freedom from paying almost $400/mo in taxi fares. I'm going to have to contact my new boss because I still don't know what my hours are and what the dress code is. When I went for my interview everyone was in polo shirts/tshirts and jeans with flip flops or sneakers. I don't know if it was a dress down day or something, but I don't want to show up in my normal work clothes if everyone else is chillaxing in their comfiest clothes. I think I'm going to have to buy some jeans!


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  1. Yay, so excited for you to start the new gig!