Sunday, November 3, 2013

First Day

I've survived my first day, which was complete with impromptu military exercise that had us stranded in the office for 3 hours, snipers on the roof and vehicles that looked like the Christian Bale batmobiles rolling around outside of the building. It was weird.

I made it through some confusing orientations, picked up my emergency preparedness bag, complete with MREs, water bladders, candles and water purification tablets. I'll perhaps get some more orientation later. I also learned of a nice shipping bonus, which means my family can send over all the Christmas presents they want for the girls!

I still don't know what exactly I'll be doing! And my supervisor is leaving for a week and a half. Contracts and documentation seem to be on the forefront and then the training will happen a bit later. It also seems as though most of the department is new, so even they are confused about many of the policies. I'm looking forward to all of the Thanksgiving and Christmas events they will be having and we can also now enroll in a bunch of great classes for the girls in like gymnastics, piano, ballet and swimming for free! The big challenge now will be figuring out exactly what I'm supposed to be doing, what the department needs and get in some good development programs to keep me on my toes. It's exciting and I'm so glad I'm finally at the new job. 

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  1. Yay, new job! Even if everything went smoothly, I'm reminded daily of how long the settling-in period is. Good luck as you get started!