Thursday, November 21, 2013

Flexible work schedule!

Yeah for that, it means I can come in earlier and leave earlier to drop off and pick up the girls from nursery. This means I spend between 30-45 minutes in the car each way as opposed to 1.5 hours. I also found out that working away from the office while on "vacation" is possible. This means that I can go back to the US with the girls this summer for the month of Ramadan and not have to use all of my vacation days. Sweet!! Now we just have to find a place to stay that won't break the bank.

The work is still a little bit of a mystery to me, but I'll definitely be learning a lot of new programs, programs I have wanted to work with and I'll have to tools to actually learn them. InDesign, Excel (crazy indepth), LiveCycle, InfoPath, etc. All of these programs, plus probably picking up some programming knowledge. This are all things that I feel like will be useful in life, so getting to learn them on the job is even better. I also have to figure out what I want my yearly training to be, I don't know if I should go conference or course. I'll have to see what interests me most.

I've been able to help with some process sorting out as well as some policy write ups. I'm still learning and there are so many, but I feel like I'm starting to get a hold on things. I went out to lunch wit hthe Director and I thought we were going to have a work talk, but she just wanted to chat. It was fun. So far things are good, can't wait ti get in and start running trainings! 


  1. InfoPath is both awesome and an evil witch. Not flexible if you finalize and then want to make changes. But it will make your online forms sing. :) Good luck!

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