Saturday, November 16, 2013

The beginning

It's very weird to go from knowing tons about what's going on in an office, having people come to you with their problems and knowing how to fix them to not even knowing where to get your pens. This new position is a lot to get used to going from that situation. I spent last week meeting with everyone in the office, finding out what they do, what systems they are working with and what needs they have. It was a little weird for them, I think they thought I was trying to do something negative, but then after the first few people everyone realized that I'm just trying to help out.

I now have a list of all areas that need work, I'll compile them and see what topics came up most and figure out with the Director what issues I'll tackle first. I must say that having a game plan in place getting my training started will be essential or I'll feel completely useless in the office. I already kind of do, but it's so nice to hear the phone ringing and not freaking out about making sure someone is answering it. I still have the urge to answer other people's phones. I also don't have to worry about whether or not supplies are stocked, booking conference calls with 3 minutes notice or being buried under a pile of paperwork every month like clockwork. It's strange not having my team and I don't think they will stay for very long after my departure. I tried to set things up for them after I left, but apparently things are reverting to the pre-me status quo.

The next steps after the game plan will be really trying to figure out what the heck everyone is doing! There are so many departments in our department, I've count 6 and there are 16 people. At least I've got the names down, next it's more interviewing, writing processes and policies and then once I've sorted that out it's onto training prep. It's going to be a super busy time getting used to all of this. It's exciting and a little scary!     

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  1. Wow, your organization skills amaze me. Good luck and go you!