Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

I'm not very good at actually even remembering that I make these, if I do make them, but I wanted to make some this year.
  1. Try and be more present for the girls
  2. Remembering to be grateful at the end of each day
  3. Spend Mommy and Me time with both girls
  4. Support Liam more
  5. Get healthier and more active, do at least 2 workouts a week and track my food
  6. Pay off another 30% of my student loans

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas time is here.....

(Just was this in my drafts that I forgot to publish)

And our DVD player isn't working :( This means no Christmas Story, Rudolph etc on Christmas night. I might try and work something out with youtube, so we'll see. The girls and I had cookies this morning for Santa! I still haven't wrapped Liam's 3 presents. And I'm glad we decided to buy a couple of things for the girls over here because the big Amazon box with their presents in it that my mom was supposed to ship over here. Well it never even made it to my mom's house. This was a month ago. My family kept saying how all these boxes were arriving for me, so I just assumed that it was the box with all of the gifts. Nope!

It's not like they will notice, but it's definitely still a bummer. So Amazon has given me a $12 credit and has said they will refund the money if the items aren't a my mom's today. It won't really help us, but at least it will be something. Z will be getting a bike, Dinosaur Train trainset and a Merida doll and horse (from her godfather) and Boo is going to get a rocking moose from Ikea, Bob the Builder toy set and a doll. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

A plague on our house

Boo has been sick for about the past month with a cough and fever on and off Liam and I are finally getting a touch of it. I'm off for the next week, which is awesome. I thought of all of the things I would get done...I've been having chills, fever, coughing so hard it hurts my back and sinus pressure to make my eyes tear. We had to put in a special overtime request for Melody to come in last night because we were both just pretty much crawling around the house as the girls took everything out of every drawer.  I'm just hoping I'll be ok by Christmas and can get some food prep done for the new year. As it is, I'm just pretty much excited about going back to sleep right now. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Getting my financial house in order

I've closed 2 random accounts with about $30 in them that I opened for god knows why. I also officially cancelled a credit card I had and I never used, but came with a yearly $75 fee and managed to talk my way out of those fees not being paid and the interest associated with them. I'm pretty sure there is a few hundred dollars I owe someone for my short hospital visit in 2012, but I get my mail about once a year so who knows who it is.  I also set up automated savings transfers for our yearly travel fund, a bit more into my Roth IRA, house downpayment and general savings accounts.

I found out that I have been putting money into an investment  and retirement fund for the past 4 years and didn't even really notice. It was a small amount every month and I finally managed to talk to someone to reset my log in details and check it out. I think I stopped checking in 2008 when everything was in red and just depressing. It is now rosier picture and I actually feel like I have some savings for retirement even if it's much less than where all those retirement calculators say I should be. The other biggie is the dreaded student loans, the massive 6 figure number that looms over my head...still dreaded. We've made a nice dent and we're on track with the goal of paying them off in a few years. Then I can finally feel like I'm not single handedly pulling our family's financial future into the toilet and Liam can start chucking away more money for retirement. The loans are the only debt we have aside from my car loan (15 months left) and the mortgage on the house in the UK, which is rented out. It's just crazy when I look at those loans and realize that it's for 5 semesters of tuition. I think I took out about $1500 for living expenses one semester. We, ie Liam, paid for all of my living expenses. I guess I should feel a bit happy that at least it's less than it could be...ugh.  

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Trying to figure it out

I'm still in wtf am I doing mode. It feels like everyone is putting a whole lot of stock in my legal knowledge when it comes to the contracts, but they are mainly hotel, catering, and equipment agreements that will have to go through main campus anyway. It seems pretty straightforward or I'm missing something huge. Liam thinks it's just people's innate fear of all things legal.

Computer science crash courses are in my future. I wish I had taken a few classes. Designing databases and Sharepoint site would make my life a lot more productive now. I'm thinking my yearly training may just be programming-based this year.

Thanksgiving was great! We had a large friends celebration with a bunch of new people on the day and the girls had so much fun running around outside with all the other kids in attendance. Work also had a Thanksgiving dinner at a hotel. The girls were running around, jumping in the moon bounce,  getting their faces painted and having balloon animals made, which promptly popped when they laid them down on the grass. We didn't have many leftovers which was a bummer, but we're hoping to have more after Christmas dinner.

Z had an uneventful 3rd birthday. I can't believe she's getting so big. My little one will be in school next year with a little uniform and all that jazz. She's so hilarious sometimes with her favorite phrases, "It's so delicious", "Of course", "I'm very upset with you" and other gems. Z also loves being a great big sister, showing Boo how to work the iPad, climb the play kitchen and get water out of the water cooler. She's turning into a serious little leader. I can definitely tell why first borns tend to take leadership positions. They are always used to having someone follow. That's not to say that Boo doesn't assert her dominance from time to time. She's not above a bit of hairpulling to get her very serious points across. With the new job, Liam's workload and just general holiday craziness, we didn't do much for Z's birthday. Z and I made cupcakes the day before school for her class and then we had cupcakes at home. We got her a balloon as a present and she loved it. They had days of fun with that one. Other than that we've been buying our gifts online for the family to send over and wrapping as we go along buying a few things here or there.

I was also told today that Liam could be eligible for a benefit through my job we didn't think he would be, unfortunately not health insurance (bummer), but a travel allowance, which would be a nice pay bump. Or they will be deducting that amount from my paychecks over the next few months. I asked and they said it was all good, so I'll be super pissed if they come back in a few months like...wow, yeah you shouldn't have gotten that...

So that's pretty much it. Next week will be laid back because everyone is starting to leave the country. I'm excited for all the gingerbread house, sing-a-long and school Christmas party the girls will be having.