Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas time is here.....

(Just was this in my drafts that I forgot to publish)

And our DVD player isn't working :( This means no Christmas Story, Rudolph etc on Christmas night. I might try and work something out with youtube, so we'll see. The girls and I had cookies this morning for Santa! I still haven't wrapped Liam's 3 presents. And I'm glad we decided to buy a couple of things for the girls over here because the big Amazon box with their presents in it that my mom was supposed to ship over here. Well it never even made it to my mom's house. This was a month ago. My family kept saying how all these boxes were arriving for me, so I just assumed that it was the box with all of the gifts. Nope!

It's not like they will notice, but it's definitely still a bummer. So Amazon has given me a $12 credit and has said they will refund the money if the items aren't a my mom's today. It won't really help us, but at least it will be something. Z will be getting a bike, Dinosaur Train trainset and a Merida doll and horse (from her godfather) and Boo is going to get a rocking moose from Ikea, Bob the Builder toy set and a doll. 

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