Saturday, December 14, 2013

Getting my financial house in order

I've closed 2 random accounts with about $30 in them that I opened for god knows why. I also officially cancelled a credit card I had and I never used, but came with a yearly $75 fee and managed to talk my way out of those fees not being paid and the interest associated with them. I'm pretty sure there is a few hundred dollars I owe someone for my short hospital visit in 2012, but I get my mail about once a year so who knows who it is.  I also set up automated savings transfers for our yearly travel fund, a bit more into my Roth IRA, house downpayment and general savings accounts.

I found out that I have been putting money into an investment  and retirement fund for the past 4 years and didn't even really notice. It was a small amount every month and I finally managed to talk to someone to reset my log in details and check it out. I think I stopped checking in 2008 when everything was in red and just depressing. It is now rosier picture and I actually feel like I have some savings for retirement even if it's much less than where all those retirement calculators say I should be. The other biggie is the dreaded student loans, the massive 6 figure number that looms over my head...still dreaded. We've made a nice dent and we're on track with the goal of paying them off in a few years. Then I can finally feel like I'm not single handedly pulling our family's financial future into the toilet and Liam can start chucking away more money for retirement. The loans are the only debt we have aside from my car loan (15 months left) and the mortgage on the house in the UK, which is rented out. It's just crazy when I look at those loans and realize that it's for 5 semesters of tuition. I think I took out about $1500 for living expenses one semester. We, ie Liam, paid for all of my living expenses. I guess I should feel a bit happy that at least it's less than it could be...ugh.  

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