Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Dreaded Budget

Since my employment will be a bit further off than we hoped, we'er getting a lot more serious about the budget.  Previously, we kept track of expenses, but weren't so great about taking money from certain designated piles and ensuring we didn't go over on other things.  This month we managed to go through only half of our budget for everything that wasn't fixed!  I think this was helped by the fact that Liam has been working until 9pm for the past 2 weeks.  Since he's been working so late this means no grocery store runs and no date nights.  So grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup, quesadillas and digging through all of the freezer meals I've made was definitely essential for not starving.  I don't think we'll be able to replicate this amount of underbudget-ness in the future, but it's a good start.

This has actually made us a lot more pumped about staying on budget and going as far under our daily max as possible.  Adding in for little eventualities, such as the dryer breaking down, renewing our visas and a St. Patrick's Day party are going to help us keep it on track.  The big question mark will be the summer.  We're supposed to have a big family visit tour taking us to Ireland and the East Coast over 3 weeks.  That's 4 plane tickets, at least 14 days in a hotel (unless someone gets booted out of my grandmom's soon), and 2 weeks of a car rental.  It's a big expense, huge in fact.  But we want to make the trip because my family with the exception of my mom and grandmom haven't even met Boo yet.  Liam's family saw her at 3 months old.  It's also my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary.

I've been applying for a bunch of jobs and hope that something will pan out by summer.  Until then I'm just going to search and apply for 1 hour per day and spend the rest of the time playing with Z and Boo, learning to sew, teaching myself Arabic and maybe I'll even attempt to fiddle with Liam's guitar.  I'm going to enjoy my break and knowing I'm not driving my family slowly into the poorhouse has made that possible.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Favorite Phrases

Z's new favorite phrase is "I love this."  It's her way of saying, I'm holding this/pointing at something and I don't want you to take it from me/I want it.  She also like to say, "Mommy/Daddy, I'm talking to you.  Listen me!"  But my absolute favorite is, "Mommy, rock-a-baby."  This is when she wants me to hold her and rock her like a baby, while wrapped up in a blanket.  It's too cute.  I can't believe how quickly she's growing.

Boo's favorite phrase is "EEEEEEEEEEEE" I don't know how she screeches so loudly, but the does.  Then Z will join in on the screaming and squealing and they are both just screaming and squealing and laughing together.  She's also up to about 4 steps when she's not paying attention, but not a tooth in sight!  

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Breaking Radio Silence

I didn't get "the job."  It's was a rough few days.  My inside the office source won't be back until March, so I'll have to wait until then to get the inside scoop.  It's supremely disappointing, especially because I don't know why the other person was chosen over me.  It's also going to be supremely awkward to go and visit my friend for lunch from now on.

I was very upset.  Liam took me out to dinner to make me feel better.  There was a concert we really wanted to go to next month, but I told Liam we would wait until after we heard about the job.  Not going to happen.  My friends are all being super supportive, but short of giving me a job there's not much they can do.  I've also decided to quit my part time job.  It was fine and easy, but it kept me homebound when I would really like to be doing things with the girls like go to the park, do crafts, go to playgroups, etc.  So I'll be taking advantage of stay at home momming and going full tilt.  My last day is this Friday and I don't even know if my boss knows I put in my notice.  That's the level of communication that's going on with this place.  In 6 months we've had about 2 meetings, spoken over the phone never, and via online chat maybe 20 times.  There was no response to my 2 weeks notice email, so I won't be surprised if I get an email 2 weeks from now asking why I missed a week of work. We shall see.

There were a couple of position that I recently saw posted.  These were the first in a couple of months that interested me and I was qualified for and that helped lift my spirits some.  The next few months (I guess) will be filled with me being home with the girls, continuing to look for work and not letting it completely consume me like it did before.  And I know that we are lucky that we can survive off of the one salary until Z is 4 and needs to start school, worst case scenario.  We can go out for a dinner every once in a while, go to a movie, and take Z to swim lessons.  I'm trying to shrug off the feeling of failure and just hopelessness and look at this as an opportunity that many people don't get and would love to have.  It will all work out...eventually.

Friday, February 8, 2013

What A Crock!

I've almost forgotten it's possible to make a main dish in any other way other than the Crockpot.  Liam wrestled one away from a co-worker when he spotted it while having lunch at the mall.  These things are hard to come by.  There are rice cookers out the wazoo, but no crockpots.  Technically it isn't even a Crockpot, it's a Kenwood brand, but same dif.  We've cooked every meal in this thing and it's amazing.  This was our newest creation. One of my big issues was I could never time everything to be finished at the same time.  Now I can just turn the Crockpot off, steam or boil some veggies and we're good to go.  It's soooo nice to not have to cook a full meal when we get home from the park, beach, store or where ever.

We're having our first kid focused semi-conflict.  Z loves to play in the park with this other boy Gary.  His mom and I are friends, we have known each other since both our 2nds were born.  Gary is 5 and Z is only 2, but they played nicely together in play places and at the park.  Z's very adventerous, so there were few things Gary would do that she wouldn't.  They would run together, swing together, etc.  Then my friend Emily bought Gary a Razor scooter and that's what he wants to do at the parks.  I can't blame him for that, but Z wants to play with him, not watch him scooter around.  Also Emily has kind of set up our outings as a weekly thing, but if Gary isn't going to play with Z then we don't see much point in schlepping all of our stuff and both kids across town to play.  We could take her to a much closer park for her to play at on her own.  I'd say I'm one of Emily's closest friends here, her husband is doing contractor work out of the country for another month, after almost a year away, so these park trips are one of the few times outside of work where she has grown up talk time with me and Liam.

I feel bad about wanting to cancel and we may hold off until her husband comes back, but it's really kind of sad to hear Z so excited to play with Gary all weekend, then we get there and he doesn't even give her a second glance.  Then in the car on the way home, she's saying that she still wants to play with him.  I think we're going to have to make sure we stress not running after boys that don't want anything to do with you for the sake of our future sanity when she's older!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Laughter Supression

I have a friend who is due in 8 weeks.  She's wants to do a non-epidural child birth, which is totally cool.  I think it's great when people can do it, but even with my fear of needles, I was like give it to me! And she's doing hypnobirthing which I also think is cool.  It helps you feel in control, gives you some tips etc, but the thing I don't like about it is this idea that some people seem to have with it, which is "if you're in pain it's because you're not doing it right!" Now I've been through child birth twice and as I've said before, that sh*t freaking hurts! I'm sure there are some people out there who don't feel pain, like there are people out there where anesthesia doesn't work on them.  But the idea that it's all on your head and mind over matter in this case is just crazy to me! So when she said "oh they told me your body is made to do this and it's just main over matter as far as pain goes" I couldn't really help just trying not to laugh.  I felt really bad, like I was the mean mommy saying "get an epidural," but I really wasn't.  I just couldn't fathom being in a place in my life where I would think "maybe it won't hurt that much" especially after doing it twice.  I hope it works for her and she has a pain free me in 8 weeks I say.