Sunday, May 19, 2013

Finger Woes

We're still dealing with the fallout from the finger in the drain.  It doesn't seem to be healing and alternates between looking really yucky and like it's on the road to healing.  We spent another day in the hospital this weekend having the ER doc and plastic surgeon look at it before we were referred to a hand specialist.  The hand specialist now wants us to meet with the hand surgeon on Wednesday and he will try and see if there is nerve damage/infection compromising the bone/just a slow healing wound.    It's definitely at least a little nerve racking.  I am freaking out that one of these day when we change the dressing (which is daily) that it's going to black or I'm going to see some kind of sepsis and she'll lose the finger.  It's just making me nervous that the healing isn't progressing more quickly.

I have no idea how people deal with more serious injuries/illnesses.  This is stressful enough!  But the saving grace is that she seems totally fine with it.  Boo doesn't really seem to care most of the time, only if we take too long putting on the new dressing.  Otherwise docs take a look, move the finger around, give it s squeeze etc and she just looks at them looking at her.  And I was comforted by that until I started thinking, Oh no what if it is nerve damage!  So Wednesday is the day we will finally have some more answers, I hope.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Trudging along

My meeting with Partner B keeps getting pushed back.  New cases/projects keep coming up and making everyone crazy busy, so there isn't really time to talk over changes.  He did say he would make up all of the push backs with a fancy lunch...we shall see.  The Supervisor is still pretty crazy, but still not to me.  Although I was given an assignment yesterday and literally no one seems to know anything about it!  I asked Supervisor, she just laughed and said "Good Luck" and forwarded me someone's email address to ask them.  I emailed the company finance service desk to see if they would be any help and I got shrugs and another person to contact via email.  I mean how does no one seem to know about a separate billing platform that some of the biggest clients use? I understand that only a few use it, but if they are some of the biggest clients why don't people know how to use it or even where to find info about it!  I can't believe it's coming up to 2 months.  Ugh, I need to change things or I need to peace out.

Boo's finger is healing nicely.  I'm not looking forward to getting the stitches out at all, but I'm hoping it will be over quickly.  She'll be so happy once she can go swimming again! Z is loving our new swingset, but definitely learning the "dont' walk in front of the swing while someone else is on it" lesson the hard way.  We are also looking at possibly moving at the end of the year.  Our contract is up in November and we might just do it.  We're looking for a compound that has some better facilities and a little bigger.  The girls are getting bigger and we'd like more room for them to ride their bikes and also one with a small store, playground and nice pool.  I think that would give life more of a small old school neighbourhood feel than the tiny road feel we get now.  We have looked at a few, but nothing seriously yet, just trying to get the lay of the land and cost.  This becomes especially important as the sh*itshow that is getting your kids into school will begin in the fall if we want Z to leave nursery and go to Preschool.

I used to laugh at those articles in the NYT about parents trying to get their kids into Kindergarten and laughing at how crazy that was because of course I would be living somewhere with good/great public schools...hmmmm not the case.  There are perhaps 6 acceptable schools, which teach either a US, UK or International program.  These schools all have crazy waitlists, but I knew of one friend who got her daughter into one on what seemed like a fluke.  I think it may happen, but I have no idea and I'm not looking forward to everything being so crazy and going to assessments, filling out applications, going on school tours and the generally stress that will be involved with getting a 4 YEAR OLD INTO SCHOOL.  She will be 4! Freaking 4! Can you tell I'm excited for this.

Friday, May 3, 2013

We have a baby down!

Boo is the latest injured baby to join the gang.  We were going to put the girls in the bath before naptime after a particularly Nutella filled morning.  We figured the safest place for them was in the tub while we rounded up the PJs, how much trouble could they get into in an empty tub...Boo decided to check out the drain and somehow got her finger stuck.  In her haste to get her finger out quickly Liam saw her yank it out.  She sliced it in a semicircle near the base.  Talk about screaming and man the blood was insane.  We called Melody and asked her to stay with Z while we took Boo to the hospital.  She fell asleep while driving there, so I took it as a good sign.  The pediatric emergency room saw us right away and then referred us to the regular trauma ER just up the road.  So we drove over there, again they took us back right away and showed us to an exam room.  I waited there with Boo by myself since it was the women and children section.  I wasn't happy about that bit and neither was Liam.  He waited in the car.  The doctor came and we went to Xrays to make sure is wasn't more serious.  After that was the real horrible part, the stitches.  To day she was screaming was an understatement   I was crying, she was crying the doctor and nurse were trying to do the stitches as quickly as possible.  It was 4 stitches in total and they referred us to the local health clinic for daily dressing changes.  All in all a draining experience.  For all of the complaints about living over here, the fact that we walked in, were seen treated and released within 2 hours and the whole thing without having health insurance, including medications for home only cost us $1.64 is pretty amazing.  They took great care of us and it didn't bankrupt us.