Thursday, January 23, 2014

$500 in application fees

So I've calculated that by the end of this application process we will have spent over $500 in application fees for 5 schools. Luckily, my job will reimburse me or I would definitely be a lot more judicious about the applications, possibly to the detriment of Z because you kind of have to apply high and low to find a school.

Choice A is a great school that is close to home and I didn't think we had a chance at it. I received an email calling us in for an assessment. Word is they will take 2/3 of the children who make it through the assessment. I'll give anything Z wants that morning to ensure she is her normal lovely self. You want a pony? puppy? to eat nothing but chocolate for the next week? Done! It is a well established school with nice facilities, large outdoor play areas and activities. It's also embassy sponsored, which means it's immune to the random last minute rulings that the government can make about school holidays, class sizes and admissions.

Choice B is a new school with a good reputation that's close to my job. I'm literally driving right past it at the time I would need to drop her off. It doesn't have any outdoor play space and there has been one horror review thrown in for all of the good ones.

For both of the above mentioned schools I would possibly keep Z there for the foreseeable future. They could be long term choices.

Choice C, D and E would be stop gaps and I wouldn't even send her to E after visiting. She's already been accepted. Choices C and D are far away from home and my job and getting her there would be a challenge. I'm thinking I'll just strike them off and maybe save a bit of money. My fear is that she doesn't get into A or B and can't continue in nursery under the new laws and I'm stuck trying to homeschool a pre-schooler while working full time while she's stuck at home all day. Not an ideal situation, the saga continues...

Continues to be an exploration of what I can get done in an office where everyone else is going things I am not trained to do. I can't pitch in, which kind of sucks when I'm heading out the door and people have deadlines looming and know they will be staying late. I'm just hoping no one starts to hate me because of that. Perhaps I'll start bringing more baked goods! But I do think the fact the most people would prefer to eat nails over standing up in front of people and talking to them, so perhaps that gets of off the hook a bit. On a nice note, I was told by my boss that the COO said good things about me and I was making a good impression. Score!

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