Monday, March 17, 2014

Learning new things

So I've been spending a lot of time during my new job learning new things. I don't know when I can stop calling it my new job. I've been there almost as long as my office manager job. I'm been trying my hand at learning basic html, CSS and JavaScript skills. For some reason a lot of what I'm handling is web development based and knowing how to do some things will make stuff easier. I'll be heading Stateside for a conference in the spring! Bummer I can't bring the girls. I could have flown with Boo on my lap, but she turns 2 just before the trip.

I had my bi-weekly meeting with my boss and as always coming out of those meetings is awesome. Boss makes me feel like I'm the best person ever and it really puts some pep in my step. I have been working on a few projects that are coming together and through my other studying, practicing and watching a lot of youtube how-tos I'm doing things that most people in the department can't get their heads around. So that's definitely a cool part of the job.

The girls were one of 2 kids celebrating St. Paddy's Day today at school and we made cupcakes last night to bring it. Everyone really liked the cupcakes, although they were a little confused as to why we bought them. I know that next year I'll need to go all out and make sure the nursery knows ahead of time, so we can plan an activity.

Z is her usual talking a mile a minute self and Boo is trying to catch up quickly. She now calls me "Mommy Mommy" for some reason, there is never just one Mommy. Since Z has gotten into a school the search will hopefully be easier for Boo, which will start in oh....6 months...grrrr.

My second job search is still on. I had my 3rd interview with 1st choice company and a rejection from 2nd choice. I'm hoping to hear something soon from 1st choice. We are also gearing up for summer airline ticket purchasing, which means loan payment are down to half of my crazy pay off amount. I'm hoping that 2nd job will help me off set this reduction and get me on track to have it all paid off by the time I'm 30! At least the year I turn 30, I'll even settle for before my 31st birthday at this point. I want them gone so badly and I'll deprive myself of sleep for a while to work another job to make it happen.

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