Friday, April 25, 2014

Oh Balls

I didn't get the job. :( Super sad and even a little pissed, particularly after 5 interviews! Definitely a there goes my super duper pay off everything schedule. Now back to work doing things I should have been doing in the past, which was looking for other remote opportunities and networking anyway I can.  I've already had a few skype chats with people at different companies through friends.

Job Numero Uno is still going well. I had a stellar performance review, part of it was based on handling contracts, which isn't as scary as everyone thinks it is. I just forward them to the General Counsel from the departments at my job and then send them back to the departments after the review. But for some reason, contract instills fear in the heart of everyone!

I'm heading out for a work trip next week for 10 days (course and conference). I'm going to miss the girls, but I'm super excited about the flight, the course, the speakers at the conference and heading to all of my favorite eateries! But I can feel that missing the girls is really going to hit me hard while I'm away. My family is going to come down for an evening visit/drop off all of the stuff I've bought on Amazon. I get 3 bags and trust me, they are all going to be seriously freaking full!!!

We're also planning our east coast journey when we are back Stateside. Zoos, children's museums, beaches, and heading out for walks whenever we want are the name of the game. The girls are super pumped about the trip and really love flying. This year Boo is old enough to use a Zoo Backpack with her own treats in it. She will also be able to have a set of headphones for the AV system or iPad. We generally stuff their backpacks with crayons, stickers, blanket, snacks, the headphones and a change of clothes. It helps keep things organized and gives the girls their little bit of packing fun. They even know how to take off their shoes at the airport and put them in the trays. It's so cute! It's going to be a great trip!!   

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