Friday, August 29, 2014

Long long time ago

It seems like I had a blog. I haven't been keeping up with much of anything as far as blogging goes. We've been in summer mode, enjoying the lightened traffic, incredibly stiflingly humid heat and freaking financial crotch kicks that just keep on coming.

We arrived back from vacation and it took about a week to get back to any semblance of normalcy. Then came summer camp for the girls.  A HUGE presentation for me with about 4 days notice and a lot of running around to get things ready for September. I still haven't even seen if Z's uniforms will fit for school, ballet or soccer...

Then we found out our nanny used the phone while we were away. Generally it's not a big deal, but it was to the tune of about $1000. So that's awesome. Boo is switching daycare's to be closer to Z's school, there goes our $450 deposit on old nursery, coupled with first terms nursery tuition and registration fees and Liam's new master program tuition. Ok, so at that point we're like ok this sucks, but we'll be ok. Eating from the pantry and not eating out for lunch, which is what we've been doing for all of August.

Then comes the, what could be a huge debt bomb described below, which means that I'll be making minimum loan payments this month, which was a bummer. I'm not sure with interest if I'll finally bring my law school loans under six figures this month, which was a milestone I've been looking forward for a while. It's definitely not the end of the world, it just means I'll be pushing out those 2nd job apps even more.

Now to the debt bomb. On our way to a friend's BBQ today the car starts making a strange sound. Hmmm that's weird, well we're one light/5 min from our friend's house,  we'll check it out when we get there...then the car shuts off. I mean it's hot here. I'm talking 115F, super sunny and humid. The car won't turn on, it's getting hotter by the minute, we call our friend's house and they send someone to pick us up. Meanwhile I'm standing on the side of the road with the girls, people are being super nice though. Someone even had chilled water that they handed to me and the girls.

It was probably only 15 minutes, but it was HOT! And at noon the girls were trying to stand in my nonexistent shadow. Our friends showed, pushed the car through the light and off to the side of the road. We had a great time at the BBQ and took a taxi back. Now we're off to dinner at another friend's house. I'm so glad we didn't plan anything for tomorrow. I'm just going to lay down and veg.

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  1. Welcome back to blogging! Hope the car doesn't become the huge debt bomb that you're fearing.