Friday, September 12, 2014

Another Car Related Issue

Melody has had another fender bender...this is her 4th. None of the accidents have been serious, she has scraped the car against a wall/barrier twice, had a taxi hit her just before we left for summer and now she's reversed into a taxi...ugh!

So now our car sounds like some souped up muscle car. I can live with it. I don't know that Liam realizes that fender bender has created any other issues other than a slightly cracked bumper. I think I'll just hold off on telling time.

I went in to give the final pitch on my professional development to my boss and I was just handed the procard and told to go ahead and book it. I left my boss with the program info just because it was already in my hand, but it's good to know that I can do something like this that is probably tangentially relevant to my job, but could really be helpful in other areas down the line. I start the program at the end of September! I've been doing lots of online courses and reading to try and prepare. I'm hoping this will go well and my hard work will pay off in something I can apply in various areas in and out of work.

The school runs are crazy, but I think I can swing some early mornings/later stays at work to ensure I get to drop off the girls at least a couple times a week. So far I'm not impressed by the communication at Z's school. It's only the first week, so I'll have to see how it goes. And to think I was so excited to get her in there. Now comes the parental doubt about whether or not I made the right choice!

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