Saturday, September 20, 2014

Kid's Activities

I'm just hoping our 6:20 out of house schedule doesn't drive me insane. Melody will start doing the school run on her own this week and I'll start taking a taxi. Not ideal, but I can't keep getting into work late and leaving early...

I think I'm front loading the girls in activities to see what sticks until the new year. So far we've got ballet, tball, soccer and I'm trying to hunt down some music lessons. I also think Z would love acting classes that they have at her school, but it's only for 5 and above.

Since they finish school at 12pm! Freaking noon, I feel like I have to load them up with stuff to keep them entertained. Playing around the compound can be fun, but since they can't really explore and play outside as much as we would like, especially since it's still in the 100s. October is going to be awesome! Beach trip every weekend until December or so.

Work is great, we're working on streamlining a lot of different systems and projects I'm working on, which means more time for exploring, additional learning and trying to make other areas more efficient. I start my professional development next week and it will go into January. I'll see how it goes, whether or not I like and see programming as something that could be viable in the future. Perhaps somethings where programming knowledge would be helpful, but my other skills like project management would come in handy. I certainly know that not having to wait on IT to make changes to things, schedule in projects and just generally slowing everything down would push so many things through a whole lot quicker. But all of that extra work is going to be a very low key.

The heads of both IT and HR have both said that they might try to steal me away from my department...I think my go get it/hands dirty attitude may be of an attention getter and I don't want to get more than a "good job" on my projects.

I'll be buying our Christmas tickets at the end of the month. I'm not really looking forward to is as terrible as that sounds. We will be visiting Liam's family. It's going to be COLD, wet and COLD. We're also going to have to schlep all of our crap there and back here. Because we've never done Christmas with his family, and done it twice with my family, means we're doing it now. We will most likely never travel to family for Christmas again after this year. It really is such a pain in the butt! But I get the whole week off work and it just feels so weird not going anywhere, like I'm wasting vacation time.

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