Monday, September 8, 2014

The Beginning of a New School Year

So the Debt Bomb ended up just being a gentle smack in the face. The starter motor needed to be worked on and that was it. The mechanics kept saying how lucky we were. Oh trust me, we know!

Boo had her first day at new nursery for the school year. She had fun and the teacher asked me if she knew how to read. She's only 2.5, so I looked at her a little bit funny and said, "I don't think so..." They said she would pull out a book, sit down and read out loud to herself. So cute, I hope she flourishes while no longer under the shadow of her big sister.

Z starts "Big School" tomorrow. I'm freaking out a little bit and of course I didn't have her try on her uniform until today after work...yeah, so of course they didn't fit! A moment of panic, quick google search for the location and call to make sure they were open. 30 minutes later I was back home with much roomier exchanged uniforms.

Work is good, I think I'll be able to use my professional development funds to take a programming course. That will be awesome, fun and challenging. I've always wanted to learn and why not get paid to do it. I just feel like knowing at least the basics of programming will be immensely helpful in the future. My interests have always leaned toward the tech, so I'm sure that I'll find some applications in the future. 


  1. Phew! Glad the Debt Bomb wasn't.
    I think the thought process for law is a lot like the thought process for programming -- it's that logical, analytical, step-by-step reasoning that makes both of them so hard to learn.

  2. Haha, definitely hard to learn, but I'm hoping the one on one mentoring will help make it happen!