Sunday, October 5, 2014

5 day weekend!

It's Eid al-Ahda, so for us that means a 5 day weekend! Most people headed out on Thursday/Friday, so traffic is light. And because of where Eid falls this year, a lot of people decided to take the 2 additional days to get a 10 day vacation. We're staying put though. It's a combo of not wanting to spend the money and wanting to actually feel like we got a break.

Also, all of the stores are open, which means it's a great time to do all the shopping that is made seriously painful the rest of the year. So far we've gone for a walk on the water and realized that it was not in anyway shape or form fall yet. It was still about 95F out. We have done laundry, ordered in pizza, watched movies and we'll probably go swimming today. Other than a nice meal out for a date lunch I think that's going to be about it.

I've started my programming course. So far, I'm behind already! But it's ok. I tend to truck along and do 3 days worth of work at a time and then get bogged down or stuck and stop, but I have a meeting tonight with my instructor. It's fun, a little scary and satisfying to complete my tasks. Can't wait to start building.

Next big purchase will be buying our Christmas tickets to visit Liam's family. I'm just hoping the tickets haven't jumped up in price. A screw up with my paycheck coincided with my debit card expiring, which meant I'll have to put off paying for them for about another week or so.

Next big fall tasks will be buying Halloween costumes and figuring out where we want to go trick-or-treating. Then it will be school application time for Boo...yipee...